How do I move my documents from v1 to the new version?

  1. Click on the "File" button at top left:

  2. Click on "New" and then "From Old Account":

Why is my text doubled when I save?

If you're using Grammarly, then you may experience doubled-up text in Gingko Writer. I'd like to find a fix, but in the meantime, you can disable Grammarly on gingkowriter.com by following these instructions:

How do I insert images?

At the moment, you'll have to insert them manually by providing a URL, like this: ![](https://example.com/link/to/image.png)

To get a link like that from a DropBox image, for example, you need to create a link and the add ?raw=1 to the end of it (otherwise you're linking to a preview page, rather than the image itself): ![](https://www.dropbox.com/s/abc123/example.png?raw=1)

Sorry, I know it's a lot of steps at the moment!

How do I hide things from print & export?

Use <!-- and -->. Everything between those two symbols in any card will be hidden when you print/export.

How do I invite collaborators to my documents?

Gingko Writer doesn't support collaboration yet. If this is a needed feature, you can still use the legacy https://gingkoapp.com version for collaboration and tree-sharing.

I am looking forward to adding collaboration to Gingko Writer, but I don't have an estimate on how long it'll take me. I won't disable the old version until well after collaboration is added to the new one though.

How do I make my own custom templates?

Simply right-click on the tree you want to use as a template, and then click "Duplicate Tree":

When will the old/legacy version be shut down?

There is no firm date for the shutdown of gingkoapp.com, but rest assured that there will be many reminders and opportunities to move your data to the new version.